Work With Me

Work With Me

Feeling unhappy or hopeless?

All you want is more happiness in your marriage but It’s been this way for so long.  Maybe feeling like it’s too late for things to get better? It’s not—you can make great improvements in your marriage simply by being open & willing.  My program will help you through this process.

Nervous about moving into your next stage in life?

Kids gone, husband being around all the time…these are major changes and you just aren’t sure how it’s going to affect your marriage and if your marriage is strong enough to survive.


Counseling – as a couple and/or individually

Therapy – as a couple and/or individually

Books or on-line programs

Trying to talk things through with your husband but always spinning in circles and never getting anywhere, giving up and ending up even more frustrated than before?


Krissy M.

I was SO frustrated with my husband and my marriage. He was totally resistant whenever I brought up going to counseling so I had given up hope that things would ever change. Thank goodness I jumped on the opportunity to work with Amy because working with her has saved my marriage.

Joni S.

Amy is honest but kind, an impeccable teacher of emotional and thought growth as well as communication. She is generous with her knowledge and has helped me shift my perspective. As a result I’ve gained hopefulness, peacefulness and have transformed the most important relationship in my life. I feel like my future has unlimited potential.”

Stacy A.

My marriage has improved without ever having any discussions with my husband--I feel like the tug of war is over and we're finally on the same team. Working with Amy was amazing.

You can have the marriage you desire

Want to get there even faster with one on one help from a certified coach? Book a FREE coaching session with me. We’ll get started right away working on your biggest issue and I’ll help you figure out what will make the greatest improvement in your marriage. It’s easy, just follow these steps:

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