The Problem with Thinking There’s a Best Decision

The problem with thinking that one decision is better than another is that it causes us to waste time agonizing over trying to choose the RIGHT decision and often causes us to argue with the past wishing it were different. News flash~this is a colossal waste of time! As far as I know, nobody has yet figured out how to change the past.

Let’s take a look at the decision of whether or not we should divorce our spouse.  If we make the decision to file for divorce, there are a whole host of things we could think about that would make us feel negative emotions: “It will be expensive, it will be hard on the kids, I will be alone”…and the list can go on and on. 

But on the other hand, we could also list all of the things that we think would be better such as: “The kids won’t have to hear all of the fighting, I will figure out how to stand on my own two feet, I will have an opportunity to find someone who treats me the way I want to be treated”, etc. etc.

The fact of the matter is that ALL decisions involve pros and cons, good and bad, positive AND negative emotions.  It serves no purpose to sit stuck in overwhelm or fear of making the wrong decision.

Just drop the idea that there is such a thing as a better decision. Understand and like your why for making the decision that you have made (here’s a post about this). By doing this, there’s a greater chance that you will be able to move forward without looking back and create the future of your choice all while wasting a lot less time and causing yourself FAR less pain and suffering.