Retirement Has Begun

I specialize in coaching on long-term relationships but have a vested interest in coaching women with husbands who are approaching retirement.  This is because my husband and I are preparing for his retirement.

I’ve done a few blog posts on this subject in the past but it has all recently come to fruition.  He has RETIRED.  This was not according to our plan.  He was planning to work for another year to year and a half.  He was just starting to formulate his next step.  Would it be full retirement?  Would it be starting his own business and becoming an entrepreneur?  Would it be a part time or consulting job?

Well, before he even had a chance to figure it out, he was let go.  His company cut a huge number of positions, closed offices and gave severance packages to many long term employees citing COVID.  My husband found himself suddenly without a job but fortunately in a position to have some time and space to start thinking and planning.  Both because he has a severance package which buys us some time AND also because during this time of COVID he is thinking that very few companies are in a position to hire.

So here’s the fascinating thing.  His brain struggled at first.  Despite all of our discussions, previous planning and steps we had taken to think about our future, it offered up so many negative thoughts about this being a ‘bad’ thing.  About this being ‘not according to his plan.’  Part of him was relieved but another part of has been struggling with all the free time and willingness to make a decision about what to do next.  Yes, all of these are thoughts that I’m having but they are a synopsis of many words that have come directly from his mouth.

So, this should be the beginning of an interesting journey that I will be sharing with you. It will likely be infused with general posts about the coaching tools I have learned from Brooke Castillo and during my training at The Life Coach School.  It will also likely involve me doing lots of thought work and using different coaching tools on myself than I have utilized in the past.  Lots of new things coming up!