Have You Conditioned Your Husband to be a Liar?

Most of us would probably put honesty down as one of the most important characteristics in both a spouse as well as most people we choose to interact with. But I want to tell you that everybody lies and most of us condition those around us to be liars as well.

What do I mean that we teach each other to lie to us?  Well, often we don’t tell the truth because we don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings.

We also expect people to tell us the truth, but when they do and we don’t like the truth, we get upset at the person telling us the truth! When we do this enough times, our loved ones aren’t telling us the truth because they don’t want to face the wrath of our anger when we get upset at them!

We also don’t tell the truth when we do favors for people that we don’t want to do.  An example of this is agreeing to help a friend move even though you were busy and really didn’t want to.  You did it but the whole time you resented them and blamed them for how you felt.  Is this really a loving thing to do? Nope, and it’s pretty hypocritical, too. Many of us women do things for others because we think it will make them happy.  We are people-pleasers but when we do things out of obligation as people pleasers we are not being honest–we are actually trying to manipulate another person’s feelings.