Stop ‘Shoulding’ on Yourself!

Stop “shoulding” on yourself!  Yes, I’m guilty of doing this to myself at the moment, too. It’s really easy to
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Questions to Ask Yourself in Times of Chaos

Lots of uncertainty and chaos right now that schools, public events & get-togethers have closed and come to a screeching halt as a result of COVID-19.  But in this unchartered

How I Re-connected with my Husband

I want to let you know exactly how I was able to feel more connected to my husband.  For a very long time, I wasn’t feeling that we were a

Why I Typically Don’t Work With Couples

I typically do not work with couples because I know it is possible to make profound positive changes in a marriage when only one person in the relationship changes. However,

I Love Him but I’m Not ‘In Love’ With Him?

So you think you’ve fallen out of love with him? There’s a good chance that you have.  Afterall, the initial butterflies and euphoria we feel toward our spouses are rooted

3 Things to Do When Your Husband Refuses to Go to Counseling

#1) Don’t even THINK this thought: It is very tempting to think, “if he loved me, he’d see a marriage counselor with me” but just don’t even entertain this thought. 

Do You Have Fake Relationships?

If you show up in your relationships as the person you think your friends and family want you to be, you may be perpetuating fake relationships. Even if you’re not

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