Lifebook Canva Course Series

Just in case you have decided to do your own Wheel of Life exercise like I described in my October
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Another Big Retirement Discovery

We thought long and hard about different aspects of retirement during the past year.  Of course, we first considered our finances but after that, we thought a lot about where

Lifebook Update

My husband and I have completed the Mindvalley Lifebook course.  We have individually gone through and written out our Premise, Vision, Purpose & Strategy for each of the following areas:

A Big Decision…

My husband and I have made a very big decision.  We have decided to…….NOT make a decision! If you go back to June and July posts, it will explain the

Lifebook Program

I need to begin by letting you know that I am switching to monthly posts from here on out.  This is because I am getting involved creating content for a

Aspects of Retirement We Did Not Plan For

So, it’s only been a few weeks since my husband was “retired” (see 6/15/20 post for the whole story) but there are definitely a few things about retirement that we

Retirement Has Begun

I specialize in coaching on long-term relationships but have a vested interest in coaching women with husbands who are approaching retirement.  This is because my husband and I are preparing

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