Retirement Has Begun

I specialize in coaching on long-term relationships but have a vested interest in coaching women with husbands who are approaching
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Tony Robbins Relationship Tool

I’ve been revisiting some Tony Robbins talks lately.  I think Tony Robbins is brilliant and has a Brooke Castillo-like ability to get right to the root of people’s issues.  However,

The Goal of All Relationships Should Be….

The goal of all relationships and not just marriages should be SELF LOVE.  In my experience coaching others and observing life I’ve come to the conclusion that the people who

The Problem with Thinking There’s a Best Decision

The problem with thinking that one decision is better than another is that it causes us to waste time agonizing over trying to choose the RIGHT decision and often causes

Are you a GIVER or a SCORER?

Did you know that healthy marriages operate using RECIPROCITY?  This means that one partner rewards the other partner’s good behavior with more good behavior.  If you are able to do

Stop ‘Shoulding’ on Yourself!

Stop “shoulding” on yourself!  Yes, I’m guilty of doing this to myself at the moment, too. It’s really easy to listen to our brain’s background chatter when it says things

Questions to Ask Yourself in Times of Chaos

Lots of uncertainty and chaos right now that schools, public events & get-togethers have closed and come to a screeching halt as a result of COVID-19.  But in this unchartered

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