Aspects of Retirement We Did Not Plan For

So, it’s only been a few weeks since my husband was “retired” (see 6/15/20 post for the whole story) but there are definitely a few things about retirement that we did not anticipate….

The biggest one has been that although we were aware that he would no longer be getting a paycheck once retired and we thought we were prepared for this, we discovered that my husband really wasn’t prepared for the thoughts that he is currently thinking and the feelings around these thoughts. 

It’s one thing to know that you are no longer getting a steady paycheck and are going to have to start living off of savings and investments but a whole different experience to realize that these accounts that have been slowly building up over the years are now going down, down, down.

Yes, it’s a big transition and one that fortunately we are navigating through together.  I’ll give you an update as soon as I can but let’s suffice it say that going from 35 years of earning a steady paycheck to an abrupt halt of incoming funds (we are still a few years away from Social Security) is a process involving DAILY self-coaching!