How to Test If Your ‘Why’ Is Compelling Enough

It’s still early enough in the year that we may have some ‘resolutions’ or goals that we haven’t given up on yet. If you are trying to come up with a ‘purpose’ for a Lifebook category or have a goal or two that you haven’t yet abandoned, here’s a quick exercise that might help you get closer to achieving it:

▶️ Grab 2 pens that are different colors. With the first color, list all the reasons why you haven’t yet achieved each goal. Jot down all the things as soon as they enter your head. (If you’re familiar with the Life Coach School and Brooke Castillo’s teachings, this is what is referred to as a ‘thought download.’)

▶️ Now, using the second color expand on step 1 and get really honest with yourself and answer these questions using your ‘higher brain.’ Get very specific about the exact circumstances, thoughts, beliefs, indulgent emotions, thought errors, self-judgements etc. that you can see when you take an objective look. (ex. I’m a perfectionist, there’s a pandemic, I don’t have time….) List ALL the potential obstacles.

▶️ Now come up with your HARD WHY–this is a sentence that is more important to you than quitting or giving up on your goal. This sentence is strong and sturdy enough that when your mind turns away temporarily, you will still turn back to this sentence and re-commit.

▶️ Check how compelling your sentence is by thinking it and checking in with how it feels in your body. Notice if this emotion is positive and if so, is it deep and long-lasting? Will this hard why withstand the negative emotions and discomfort that comes up at times? In other words, when you think this sentence when faced with an obstacle (either external circumstances or internal 🧠 stuff) are you able to go back to a place of commitment and determination? If so, then congratulations–your ‘why’ is compelling!